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Moin. We are dieBeschleuniger, a collective of hands-on startup crafts people. We help businesses get started with their product development and business execution.

Learn more about us or get in touch if you want us to help your startup.

Our services

Product Development

With years of experience in the startup tech industry we know what a good products needs. Always at the edge of the market we know the latest trends, where things are heading and how you should outline the product so that it stays important for the upcoming challenges.

Project Management

It is well known that the idea is 1% while the execution often decides which projects are successful. We've done plenty software projects, know how organize them and get stuff done on time. We gladly take on a comissary Technical Lead Position if necessary.

Backend Programming

Although we know our way around management, we love to get our hands dirty. After all we come from the software development area and like to get things done rather than talk them to death. There is no technical challange we are not willing to tackle.

User Experience

While the backed is where the actual algorithm lies, the the User Interface defines the actual product and therefor is a crucial part for many startups. A compelling UI is at least as important for the success as the magic behind it. Over the years we've developed an eye for good usability.

Consulting & Advice

Our main goal is get great stuff happening and make a dent in the universe. We are gladly helping upcoming projects and startups with consulting and advice on any of these fields. As a short-term sprint or as a long-term mentorship programm, whatever helps.

And Everything Else

We belive in the concept of bootstraping startups and lean management. To get the 80% off the ground everyone has to do everything necessary. There is no saying no, if you want to get things done. We help out how ever we can, even if that means acting as a client for you on TV.

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About us

Club der Beschleuniger eG is a collective by law of passionate hands-on startup crafts people. For too long have we seen great idea fail because of bad management and business execution. We are eager to change that by contributing our years of experience to the cause.

Working for Shares

Bootstraping a startup mainly means one things: having no money to spent. That is why we've developed a payment model specially for this market: If they majority of the collective believes in the idea, we also take shares as a (part) payment for our work. A system that has prooven very successful often: with shares on success everyone is more interested and not wasting any time nor money.

The Collective Idea

Legally from the outside we are no different from a GmbH or a Limited, but internally it means every employee participates on financial success equally as well as decides which startups to support. A very crucial part especially as it requires even more will power if you work for equity.

Quality for the Win

As we give equal shares to all the employees it means everyone is chosen carefully. This model can't afford any lazy slackers, it requires everyone to get down to business and deliver. Only the best of a kind are able and willing to do that.

Our Team

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    Benjamin Kampmann

    President and CEO

    Benjamin Kampmann is a self-learned Software Developer. Before he came to Berlin to work as a Product Manager for a small startup for three years, he worked for a multimedia startup in Barcelona (Spain) for 18 months. He is passionate about good Software Development, Usability and Multimedia and thinks that a good Product Development is key to drive innovation in startups nowadays.

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    Karl Bartel

    Head of Supervisory Board

    Karl Bartel studied Information Technology and Mathematics at Technische University Berlin during which he already worked for financial content provider startup. After his thesis about a market maker software he continued to work there as a software engineer for both frontend and backend development for contracting work. He has a brilliant analytic mind with just the right amount of market understanding and wants to it get used to make a dent in the universe.

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Actively Supporting



Coming soon: Something around Social and Gaming

happy to have helped

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Work with us

We are always interested in working with experienced and talented hands-on startup crafts people. If you like our business model and think you have what it takes to be a Beschleuniger, feel free to contact us.

Also take a second and check out what our portfolio companies are looking for at the moment:

Designer & Co-Founder #

Do you want to be part of the largest and most profitable segment of the online-gaming market? Here's your chance to help us out on creating a market-disrupting betting-game together with a team who has the necessary product, marketing and tech skills.

We want to extend our founding-team with someone who has the creative ability to conceive a brand from ground-up. We mean logo, look & feel, web-design, game-elements, web and mobile - the whole deal. We value design and usability and want it to be an intregal part of our culture, which is why we are offering a co-founder position within the company.


  • 3+ years of working experience
  • Experience in designing Web Applications with HTML5, CSS and Javascript
  • Skilled in translating a design-idea into a polished visual experience
  • Proven execution of best practices, UX/UI principles, user centered design and modern standards
  • Comfortable with the challenges of a start-up
  • Know-How of betting and/or gaming a plus

Your duties (but not limited to)

  • Be responsible for the complete visual experience of our product in collaboration with the founders
  • Create Wireframes, Visual-Concept, Web- and Game-Design
  • Develop a long-term design-vision, while having the patience and tenacity to focus on the details at hand

Interested? Let us know!

Software Developer Intern @ Nachbarschaftsauto #

You have learnt about programming and want to take it to the next level? You did one or two smaller projects or contributed to an open source project once or twice? But now it is time to step it up? You want to be part of a bigger project, willingly take your important place in a small team and take on the responsibility to build up a small startup? But you still want to work with and learn from the best?

Then this is the position you are looking for, because our beloved Nachbarschaftsauto is looking for intern as software developer.

What you'll be doing

  • Work on the webapp2-based Python Web Platform
  • Help transfer the old PHP-Code into the new system
  • Contribute to a complex booking system backend
  • Build cool Website-Features in jQuery/Javascript
  • Create and build a mobile frontend
  • Take on an important role as part of a small team

What we offer you

  • Get insight into the various parts of a modern web startup
  • Flexible Working Hours and times
  • Take on responsibility as an important part in a small Team
  • Work and learn from the best
  • Work closely with the founding team
  • On top of programming learn how to build a startup from the bottom up
  • We even have a small budget you pay you :)

I would take it, if I was younger. Wouldn't you?

Get in touch.

Feel free to contact us any time. Whether you have a question about us, our business model, are interested in our opinion of your upcoming startup or just want to chitchat, let us know.

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